Basic Obedience & Manners

Every dog should know some simple skills to better adapt to living in our human world. And learning them in a structured class setting helps you and your dog keep on track and improving. Each lesson provides a foundation for future skills and having weekly homework keeps you accountable and improves your dog’s performance.


Going through this course will enable you to learn how to “talk” to your dog more effectively and improve your dog’s listening skills, as well as provide the foundation for a great relationship with your poochy pal.

Simple Things that Impact Behavior

Often the things that have the biggest impact on your dog’s behavior are simple ways you interact and communicate with him. You may actually be enabling or encouraging bad behaviors without even realizing it. This class will help you really understand how your dog perceives what you’re telling him and show you how to better communicate and set your dog up to succeed.


We’ll discuss some common behavior issues and you’ll learn how to best address them and help your dog to be both well behaved and happy.

Week 1

  • Obedience tips to success
  • Teaching Sit
  • Helping your dog learn impulse control

Week 3

  • Stopping your dog from jumping
  • Controlling excessive barking
  • Teaching stay

Week 2

  • Rewarding calm behavior
  • Resource control
  • Teaching your dog to say "please"
  • Teaching down

Week 4

  • Teaching your dog wait
  • Teaching come
  • Putting it all together

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't think the course is helping you and improving your life with your dog, just send me an email and I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. 

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