Finding Your Next Dog

Getting a new dog is a BIG decision. Too many people don't give it enough thought or make a choice based on emotion, which can lead to problems. To find the right dog for you family and lifestyle it takes some careful thought and consideration. 


You also need to understand what things you should be looking for (besides a cute face) and the best places to find your dream dog. Should you get a puppy or an older dog? Should you got to a shelter or a breeder?


Then, once you've selected your new furry best buddy, how can you help him acclimate to your home and set him and you up for lifelong success?


You'll learn all these things in this FREE course designed to help you make the very best choice and live happily ever after with your new pooch. 

Lesson 1: Looking For A New Dog

Learn what to look for when searching for a new dog so that you pick the right kind of dog for you. 

Lesson 3: Finding A Rescue Dog

There are great dogs in rescues and shelters and here you'll learn how to find your best match. 

Lesson 3: Finding A Good Breeder

If you want a particular breed a breeder might be the best place to find them, but you need to make sure you find a responposible breeder and not a puppy mill. 

Lesson 4: Helping Your New Dog Adjust

Once you find your new dog there are some things you can do to help him get settled into your home and set up for a life of happiness with you. 

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